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  • Data Dump from F-35 Deputy's Speech This Morning
    Posted by Amy Butler 4:20 PM on Jul 27, 2011

    Here are a few key take-aways from Moore's breakfast presentation today to the Air Force Association:

    *Pentagon acquisition chief Ashton Carter's Defense Acquisition Board review has slipped from spring to fall to allow the program more time to "do its homework." The DAB is needed to recertify Milestone B after the last Nunn-McCurdy cost overrun. The DAB will also review a revised program master plan.

    *Navy officials are assessing whether they need "maturity flights" on the B like the Air Force is doing on the A model. So far, about 80% of the maturity flight work on AF-6 and AF-7 (two F-35As at Edwards AFB, Calif.) is finished, he said. The first F-35B is slated to be delivered to Eglin AFB, Fla., by year end.

    *AF-10, 11, and 12 are expected to be at Eglin within the next 1-3 weeks.

    *Period of "change work" expected to taper off in 2013 timeframe. By then, the program will be finished with 1.5 lifetimes' worth of durability testing on the F-35 structure. The plan is to do two full lifetimes of durability testing on this aircraft. During this testing, officials will test the aircraft and its parts to better understand their ability to operate at the 8,000 expected hours. "We are going to be through the rapids in that timeframe ... We expect to see a dramatic drop-off in change activity in that period," he said. "Change drives the modification and the modifications drive the cost." 

    *Thus far, analysis indicates that the problem with the F-22 Obogs system is not impacting the F-35 program, Moore said.

    *Notable quote: Moore said that earlier in the program he would have said, "It is not a sprint. It is a marathon." With the benefit of hindsight, he now says, "It is not a marathon, it is a steeplechase," because a steeplechase is unpredictable. 

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