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  • A330 Tanker Tests New Hose and Drogue System
    Posted by Robert Wall 2:52 PM on Jun 01, 2009

    Airbus Military has started dry contacts with its A330 tanker using a new Cobham-designed hose and drogue refueling pod.

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    The so called 905E pods located under the A330’s wing were used in flight tests with a Spanish air force F/A-18A fighter. Canada and the German air force use the 907E pod on their A310 tanker transports.

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    Airbus says “the system performed well in hose extension and retraction, and showed good hose response in the contact as well as stability during pre-contact and when connected.”

    The hose and drogue system supports as a fuel rate of up to 420 US gallons per minute using a 90 ft. hose.

    "The next steps in the flight test program involve more contacts with the new hose and drogue refuelling pod and the advanced Aerial Refuelling Boom System (ARBS), refuelling a variety of receivers that will include French, Portuguese and Spanish small and large receiver aircraft,” says Miguel Morell, Vice President Airbus Military Derivative Programs.

    [Photo: Airbus Military]

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