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  • Italian T2
    Posted by Douglas Barrie 10:20 AM on Nov 19, 2008


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    The Italian air force has received the first of 47 Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 2 standard aircraft, with delivery to Grosseto air base.

    Italy’s Tranche 2 deliveries will run until 2013, and, notionally, this will be followed by its Tranche 3 aircraft.

    The four partner nations are still trying to strike a deal on Tranche 3 – with Italy and the U.K. - at least - struggling with funding issues. Failure to reach agreement by early 2009 would risk introducing a production gap between the two tranches – something industry is keen to avoid.

    The Royal Air Force began to take delivery of its Tranche 2 aircraft last month. The RAF was the first of the four partner air forces to start to receive this production standard of aircraft, with a total of 91 of this variant on order for the UK. 

    Picture credit Eurofighter

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