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  • AvWeek's Laureates Finalists
    Posted by Sean Meade 6:41 PM on Nov 06, 2012

    Every year, Aviation Week presents our Laureates Awards. Defense-related finalists for this year:

    Aeronautics/Propulsion: Chinese Air Force, Eurocopter X-3 team, Navy Secretary Raymond Mabus, Speed Agile-Powered Lift System Concept demonstration team, Art Thompson -- Project Leader, Red Bull Stratos project

    Defense: Blue Devil ISR team, Foxhound Light Patrol Vehicle team, K-Max VTOL team, Meteor development and test team, Scorpion Helmet-Mounted Integrated Targeting System team

    Check out all the finalists, including IT/Electronics, MRO, Workforce and Lifetime Achievement.

    The Awards will be presented March 7.

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