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  • New Mates: Israel Turns To Greece
    Posted by Robert Wall 2:03 PM on Aug 04, 2011

    For years, the Israeli military relationship with Turkey has been one of the strongest in the region. But in recent years, the relations have frayed as Turkey's domestic politics have changed. The situation has become particularly tense following Israel's war in the Gaza Strip in 2009 and the Turkish-led flotilla that tried to reach Gaza in May 2010 and was intercepted by the IDF.

    Although the two sides appear to be looking for a way to establish the relationship on a new baseline, it will not have the same strength as it did in the 1990s.

    Perhaps that, more than anything, explains Israel's recent engagement with Greece, Turkey's arch rival.

    In April and July, the forces undertook joint exercises. Then, a combined training exercise of naval forces from both Israel and Greece was held this week, further cementing the relationship.

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