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  • SIPRI's 'Merchants of Death' Top 20
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:36 AM on Apr 12, 2010

    BAE Systems has become the first U.K. company to top the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's ranking of arms sellers, supplanting Boeing (which is now number three) and ahead of Lockheed Martin at number two (the institute used 2008 sales to compile its list).

    BAE's top position can largely be attributed to MRAP sales, showing the U.K. company has benefited more than many from Iraq and Afghanistan operations.

    The SIPRI-provided chart below (or here) shows companies in order of their 2008 ranking and how their arms sales compared to 2002 levels.

    blog post photo

    Russia's S-300/S-400 air defense maker Almaz-Antei makes it into the top 20 for the first time.

    The U.S. dominates the list, with 14 companies in the top 20. The U.K. comes second with two, followed by France with 1.5 (the half is EADS), Italy and Russia each have one company in the ranking and Germany gets the other half of EADS.

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