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  • 'On a Steel Horse I Ride'
    Posted by Sean Meade 2:41 PM on Oct 26, 2009

    MRAPs are old news, right?

    These guys are glad they are.

    This video, 'The Iron Claw Experience', showed up in my inbox as a response to a video we posted over two years ago, MRAPs at Aberdeen.

    The video is a combination of video (mostly of IED and intentional ordnance explosions) and still photos set purposefully, often even poignantly, to Jon Bon Jovi's 'Wanted Dead or Alive' ;-)

    Here's the description:
    We were the first Engineer unit to field the Buffalo (MRAP) for a full year in the Baghdad area. Over 200 roadside bombs were found by our unit. In fact, the manufacturer quotes our stats as advertisement on their website. The Buffalo saved a lot of lives, and still is because we proved it worked! OIF2- '04 to '05
    For my part, I'm glad these guys were able to do their job safely.

    Tags: ar99, iraq, MRAP, ied

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