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  • Sometimes China Steals What It Needs
    Posted by Michael Fabey 4:19 PM on Jun 24, 2011

    Books and movies about the spy wars between the United States and Russia or the old Soviet Bloc are common and outdated by now. But an espionage battle with up-and-coming China -- that's worth a read and a discussion.

    Such is the case with David Wise's recently released"Tiger Trap, America's Secret Spy War With China."

    The yarns about compromised FBI agents sharing a Chinese spy mistress are worth the investment
    alone. But I think the real value in this book is in learning what China has been trying to steal -- such as Trident missile warhead dimensions and other nuclear weapon-craft.

    I spoke to Wise about the possible strategic and tactical implications of the Chinese desire to get, develop and test such weapons. While the Chinese mindset -- most agree -- is different than that of the old Soviet plan to expand its global geopolitical base, it's still an open question as to what the Chinese might do, tactically, if it felt its territory has being threatened -- say by an American carrier group approaching the Taiwan Straits.

    As Wise says, "China is unpredictable."

    All of that aside, the book's a rare gem that informs while taking the reader on a good romp.

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