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  • New Scalp Naval Model
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:12 AM on Oct 28, 2010

    At this week's Euronaval conference, MBDA has for the first time shown a model accurately representing the Scalp Naval cruise missile now in development

    The cruise missile, with a range of 1,000 km, will first be fielded on frigates (launched out of Sylver A70 vertical launchers)
    and later on submarines. The Fremm frigates are to be fielded with the missile in 2017, with the Barracuda attack submarine cruising with the weapon in 2017 if things go according to plan.

    To get to the long range, developers worked on lightening the airframe and drag reduction. The warhead also is different from the Broach used on the air-launched Storm Shadow.

    One difference to note on the model compared to earlier depictions is the three control fins. Prior depictions of Scalp Naval showed four fins.

    The model also shows the pop-out wing configuration.

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