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  • Canada Patrolling Over Libyan Coast
    Posted by Paul McLeary 6:11 PM on Mar 21, 2011

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    Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay told reporters early this afternoon that four Canadian CF-18 fighters began patrolling off the Libyan coast today, in a “defensive counter-air role,” along with two CC-150 refueling tankers. There are more fighters “on standby” in Italy, but he said he doesn’t see them taking part in operations. The Ottawa government has also sent the frigate, HMCS Charlottetown, which has just arrived off the Libyan coast, and has 380 Canadian personnel dedicated to the operation. The aircraft will “be ready” for any type of operation needed in the upcoming days, MacKay said, refusing to comment on whether or not the jets will operate inland.

    Pic: Canadian CF-18 fighters are patrolling over the Libyan coastline. DND photo.

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