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  • Canada Working on Bio Fuels?
    Posted by Paul McLeary 3:33 PM on Sep 30, 2008

    According to Canadian military reporter David Pugliese, some Canadian companies—including Pratt & Whitney Canada—are working in conjunction with partners in India to come up with alternative fuel technologies that could impact the cost of fuels used in aircraft engines and military operations.

    P&W Canada, according to his reporting,

    is leading a four-year, university-industry biofuel research project under a Canada-India science and technology agreement. As part of that project, P&WC and its partners will test and compare second-generation biofuels that do not compete with food resources, such as jatropha, algae and biobutanol.

    The company is also exploring an ethanol based fuel in conjunction with the NRC on a PT-6 turboprop. In addition PWC will collaborate with Virgin Galactic to test some of Virgin’s fuels at high altitude in PW308 engines that power the White Knight Two space plane mothership.

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