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  • Boxer Baptism Of Fire
    Posted by Nicholas Fiorenza 4:30 PM on Jan 25, 2012

    The Bundeswehr has produced a video of Boxer armored transport vehicle operations in Afghanistan, including at night. For four months, five Boxers have been operating at Observation Point North as part of Task Force Masar-e-Sharif.

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    Image: YouTube Bundeswehr

    The Bundeswehr reports soldiers' satisfaction with the vehicle with up to 30 mm thick armored protection, powerful 20-caliber machine cannon, high mobility and night fighting capabilities. The video shows Boxer braking and an interview with a crew member who says it is a big improvement over the Fuchs (Fox) armored personnel carrier, with lots of horse power and rapid acceleration. The video shows Boxers on night patrol on the route between Kabul and Kunduz with the driver and gunner relying entirely on night vision equipment.

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    The deployment has also shown the need for improvements, including additional storage space, according to the narrator.

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    In the video, an unnamed Bundeswehr Boxer project leader says the number of Boxers deployed in Afghanistan will grow to 20 in February, for the first time including command post variants.

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    Photos of Boxers bound for Afghanistan by Ralph Zwilling courtesy of Bundeswehr

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