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  • Chinese Company Selling "Hundreds" of MALEs
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 9:48 PM on Jun 17, 2010

    This is a model of the intermediate range and medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAV type CH-3 which I photographed on the stand of Poly Technologies, Inc which is based in Beijing, China.

    blog post photo

    The nice gentleman on the stand told me that he spoke English so I thought I'd try and get a little more information about this beast. I failed ... well, not entirely, but either he really didn't understand my simple question: "Have you sold any of these to the Chinese army?" or he was being coy (I strongly suspect the latter) because he just repeated "I don't know if we have any client in China." So then I asked him if this was the model of a prototype. He apparently understood that question just fine. "Oh, no, we have sold hundreds to Asian countries," he told me, quickly adding "this flies very well, it works."
    So apart from that I can just tell you what was on the airy brochure (my comments in brackets):

    wingspan: 7.9m
    total length: 5.1m
    total height (from ground): 2.4m
    max. operating range: 200km
    max. level speed: 256 km/h (curiously precise)
    cruise speed: 222 km/h (also curiously precise)
    cruise altitude: 5,000m
    ceiling: 6,000m
    endurance: 12 hours
    max. take-off weight: 630 kg
    max. payload weight 100 kg
    navigation accuracy <50m
    data link: S band.

    The brochure adds that this is "a medium altitude UAV system with CCD or infraned (infrared), laser designator and ranger. It can achieve surveillance, reconnaissance, fire adjustment, target location and precision strike."

    Tags: ar99, euro10, China, UAVs, MALE

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