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  • To BRAC or Not To BRAC
    Posted by Jen DiMascio 2:19 PM on Jul 27, 2012

    Despite a budget request that asked Congress to consider a new round of base closings, President Barack Obama told a Virginia television station, “I don’t think now is the time for BRAC.”

    The Pentagon's proposal for two new BRAC rounds has been largely rejected on Capitol Hill.

    But the president's response gave Virginia Republican Rep. Randy Forbes an opening to poke a finger in the contradiction and try to soothe nervous defense workers in Hampton Roads with a formal repudiation of the Pentagon’s budget request for two new rounds of base closures. “We would appreciate if you could confirm that the administration at this time is no longer seeking to close additional military installations,” Forbes wrote. in a July 23 letter. “This affirmation would go a long way to reducing the concern at many military installations.”

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