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  • Iran Supplying Weapons to Taliban, London Says
    Posted by Robert Wall 2:16 PM on Mar 10, 2011

    The Taliban and Iran are not historically friendly, but for some parts of the Iranian regime the motto that my enemy’s enemy is my friend appears to be setting in.

    The U.K. defense ministry is confirming that Iranian-made weapons headed for the Taliban have been seized by U.K. special forces. Not only were they Iranian-made, London says that “NATO has confirmed that weapons seized in a recent operation by Afghan and ISAF forces in Nimruz were supplied by elements within the Iranian regime and were destined for the Taliban.”

    British foreign secretary William Hague says “"the detailed technical analysis, together with the circumstances of the seizure, leave us in no doubt that the weaponry recovered came from Iran.”

    British defense secretary, Liam Fox, has long worried about Iran. And he now adds that “this confirms my often repeated view of the dangers that Iran poses not only through its nuclear program but its continuing policy of destabilizing its neighbors.”

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