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    Posted by Bill Sweetman 6:15 PM on Feb 15, 2012

    Boeing is proposing an upgraded helmet-mounted display for the new batch of F-15s that it is offering for Korea's FX-3 fighter contest. The Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System II represents a new generation of lighter and simpler, night-vision capable, all-digital HMDs.

    blog post photo
    JHMCS II - note projector optic above pilot's eye-line. 

    Boeing hasn't said much about JHMCS II, apart from confirming that the existing supplier -- Vision Systems International, an Elbit-Rockwell Collins joint venture -- remains in place. However, it was disclosed at the Singapore air show that the new HMD is based on Elbit's lightweight Targo helmet. 

    The main difference is that Targo uses an optical-inertial head-movement tracking system and is largely self-contained, while JHMCS II is designed to use the existing JHMCS display computer and magnetic tracking system, for ease of integration on existing JHMCS aircraft. 

    In daytime configuration, Targo/JHMCS II features a color LCD image source combined with a backlight and optics that project the image on to the visor (in contrast to the Gentex Scorpion and BAE Systems Q-Sight, which use flat holographic combiners). For night operations, this is replaced by a night-vision goggle module with an image source built into the right-hand optic.

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