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  • Opening Doors - Silent Eagle on Video
    Posted by Graham Warwick 7:32 PM on Mar 18, 2009

    As a coda to Bill and Amy's on-the-spot coverage of the Silent Eagle unveiling in St Louis on Mar. 17. here is a little Boeing video showing how AIM-120 AMRAAMs would be deployed from the internal bays in the conformal tanks. This is a working mockup - Amy tells me they would deploy much faster on the real aircraft.

    Video: Boeing

    The weapon in the upper bay is attached to the outward-opening door and can be an AIM-120 or AIM-9-class missile, a 500lb JDAM or two 250lb Small Diameter Bombs. The weapon in the lower bay is attached to a trapeze launcher/ejector and can be an AIM-120, a 500lb or 1,000lb JDAM or two SDBs, according to Boeing.

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