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  • Tornado, Typhoon Primed for Libya Ops
    Posted by Robert Wall 1:45 PM on Mar 18, 2011

    With the U.N. having cleared the way for a no fly zone over Libya, the U.K. -- which had pushed for such an intervention -- is now taking the operational steps to do so, even as Moamar Gaddafi calls a cease fire on his campaign.

    The U.K. says it is readying Typhoon and Tornado fighters for a quick deployment to be closer to the region (also read the Nimrod R1 activity here). Air refuelers also are being dispatched to support U.N. Resolution 1973.

    Meanwhile, the German defense ministry says it currently has no concrete plans for deployments.

    Although the Typhoon's have been operational for some time, and are currently sitting alert in the Falklands, this is the first deployment in anger for the fighter.

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