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  • Would Pakistan Shoot Down NATO Helos?
    Posted by Robert Wall 7:50 AM on Oct 07, 2010

    There are reports emerging from Pakistan that the country has bolstered its air defense equipment along the border with Afghanistan in the wake of an incursion of NATO helos into its territory.

    The Long War Journal here references the reports, but also points out they likely stem from the same source.

    While the September 30 action when NATO helos struck targets in Pakistan has inflamed sentiments in Pakistan -- and caused the closure to the border with Afghanistan and sparked a series of torchings of NATO fuel trucks in the country -- the ramifications on the U.S.-Pakistani military relationship in case of a shoot down or even attempted shoot down could be significant.

    In Congress, an actual incident could easily revive the Pressler Amendment (which barred arms sales to Pakistan over its nuclear program).
    So far, though, there is no indication the air defense threat is anything more than public posturing. Since it was made, there have been repeated unmanned aircraft strikes in the Pakistani border region with Afghanistan. Pakistan's Dawn national newspaper, for instance, reports two attacks using unmanned aircraft just recently.

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