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  • British Buy More Chinooks
    Posted by Douglas Barrie 11:59 AM on Dec 15, 2009

    The UK Defense Ministry is to purchase a further 22 Boeing Chinook heavy lift helicopters as part of a revamp of its overall rotary strategy. Another two machines are to be acquired to cover attrition.

    The first 10 additional Chinooks will be delivered by 2013. The purchase will increase the British Chinook fleet from 48 to 70 helicopters.

    The acquisition is part of the UK's revised helicopter program, now dubbed the Future Helicopter Strategy. The ministry will focus on four main types, alongside the Chinook, the AgustaWestland Merlin and Lynx Wildcat, and the Boeing WAH-64 will form the core of its rotary capability.

    As part of the revised plan the Sea King is to be withdrawn from service early. The Puma is to be withdrawn beginning 2022.

    Tags: AR99, Chinnok

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