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  • Why Saab Isn't Blowing the Gripen Trumpet
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 6:13 PM on Jun 21, 2011

    Why hasn't Saab made more of a song and dance about advertising the performance of the eight Gripen aircraft that have been operating in Libya? Because, according to Håken Buskhe, Saab's CEO, “we didn't feel it was right to market Gripen's performance in Libya” because it would be taking advantage of ordinary Libyan's difficult daily lives. He also specified that it was the Swedish government's decision to limit the Gripen's task to reconnaissance and air space defense missions, and when necessary “they can shoot things down.”

    Buskhe, talking at a press conference during the Paris Air Show, said the Gripens had clocked up more than 600 hours in “surveillance and other missions” in Libya.

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