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  • France's 09 Defense Shopping List
    Posted by Robert Wall 4:01 PM on Sep 26, 2008

    The French defense budget is increasing to €32 billion in the next year.


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    (credit: Sirpa air)


    The spending measure provides money to order 60 Rafale fighters, a second Barracuda attack submarine, 3 FREMM frigates, 332 VCBI armored fighting vehicles, 22 NH90 TTH transport helos, and 50 logistic vehicles. Deliveries will unfold over several years, though.


    Also in the plan is the mid-life update of E-3 Awacs, five Cougar helos, and purchase of 60 Syracuse III communication stations, 150 MdCN naval cruise missiles, 1,000 AASM air-to-ground bombs and 16,454 Felin future soldier systems


    Additionally, the French government spells out what new equipment it will receive this coming budget year. Highlights include 14 Rafales, 352 ASSM bombs, 96 VCBI armored vehicles, two modernization C160 Gabriel signals intelligence aircraft, eight Tiger attack helos, and 75 MU90 torpedos.


    The navy should receive its second Horizon anti-air frigate, the Chevalier Paul, and 128 Aster 15 and Aster 30 air and missile defense interceptors.

    France hasn’t, yet, released a five-year spending plan. That would have been due with the budget, but the government effectively couldn’t get its act together in time.

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