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  • Poland is Buying Israeli Aerostar UAVs
    Posted by David Eshel 1:47 PM on Mar 05, 2010

    Poland has selected Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems to fulfill an urgent operational requirement for Polish forces supporting ISAF in Afghanistan.

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    Under the new contract, at an estimated worth of
    $30 million, Aeronautics will deliver two small unmanned systems, each comprising four Aerostar unmanned aircraft, ground control station and autonomous take-off and landing equipment. The first system will arrive in Afghanistan's Ghazni province by mid-2010 while the other will be used for training in Poland. Poland already has a number of smaller 'Orbiter' man-portable mini UAVs operated by its forces in Afghanistan.

    To date Aeronautics has delivered around 50 Orbiter mini-UAVs to the Polish military. The current Aerostar model is designed for mission endurance of 10 hours, operating at distances up to 200 km from its ground station.

    Aerostar UAVs are already operational in the province of Uruzgan in Afghanistan in support of the Dutch forces in the country.

    Credit: Aeronautics Defense Systems

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