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  • Missile Defense Questioned
    Posted by Nicholas Fiorenza 2:22 PM on May 21, 2010

    An article on the website of the Arms Control Association criticizes the Obama administration's missile defense plans as “flawed and dangerous.” The authors question the effectiveness of the revamped US missile defense plans and fear diplomatic fallout if a system is deployed.

    They challenge Missile Defense Agency claims of successful SM-3 intercept tests in 2002-2009, writing that the kill vehicles failed to hit the warhead targets directly in most of these tests. “This means that, in real combat, the warhead would have not been destroyed but would have continued toward the target and detonated in eight or nine of the 10 SM-3 experimental tests.”

    The authors offer as a possible alternative using a small number of stealthy drones carrying very fast interceptors to shoot down "cumberome liquid-propellant ICBMs shortly after launch”, which they identify as the only foreseeable long-range missile threats from Iran or North Korea.

    They warn that the planned US missile defense system will damage relations with allies “by pushing on them false and unreliable solutions to real security problems” and “antagonize” Russia and China.

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