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  • U.K. Beefs Up Recce Capacity in Libya
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:52 AM on Jul 15, 2011

    The U.K. is beefing up tactical reconnaissance capabilities over Libya.

    The move comes as military officials involved in the operation express concern about a lack of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets to support the air campaign. The current construct is providing detailed intelligence on parts of the country, but not adequate coverage across the breadth of Libya, one planner warns (more on Libya shortages in Monday's issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology).

    In a move that could improve the situation, the RAF says it will deploy four additional Tornado GR4s to Goia del Colle primarily for reconnaissance tasking. However, the MOD says the aircraft also will augment strike capability in the country.

    The forward deployment will bring to 16 the number of Tornado GR4s the RAF has now operating out of Italy.

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