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  • There's A Funny Thing
    Posted by Douglas Barrie 5:00 PM on Oct 08, 2009

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    British Army General Richard Dannatt has proved a thorn in the side of the present Labour Government. He could be a member of the next one, if the Conservative Party is elected.

    As head of the British Army Dannatt, who only stepped down in August, was publicly critical of the Labour Government – treading difficult ground regarding the military and political impartiality.

    Conservative party leader David Cameron announced October 8 that Dannatt “will join our benches in the House of Lords and if we win the election could serve in a future Conservative Government:”  Dannatt is to advise the Conservatives on defense issues.

    Dannatt was also appointed as the Constable of the Tower of London, Ocotber 7. There may well be some in the Labour Party who wish he’d been locked in it.

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