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  • U.S. Army Modernization Enters New Phase
    Posted by Paul McLeary 1:30 PM on Mar 02, 2011

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    I blurbed it last month, but now that the March issue of DTI is out, my story about the Army’s FCS…er, E-IBCT…er, Brigade Combat Team Modernization program is online. A big chunk of the piece focuses on how important the brigade modernization tests the Army is conducting at the White Sands Missile Range this summer are:

    While operating concepts and multi-vehicle network integration proceeds with mixed units, Jerry Tyree, the director of White Sands operations for PEO Integration, says the Army will also test new software for the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below Blue Force Tracker called Joint Capabilities Release, to provide connectivity to portions of the unit that don’t have a NIK, wideband waveform or ground-mobile radio capability.

    While these tests are slated to run throughout the summer, the Army is also contacting industry to solicit ideas for better network integration. It will be looking at two needs, Mehney says: technical readiness and technical maturity. “Is it easily integrated into the tactical network at a brigade level?” he asks. The technologies that the Army wants industry to show could be hardware or software.

    “We may need Y still, or a cheaper X solution that’s easily integrated, so we’re going to give the acquisition community a list of requirements” to support the capability set that the Army plans to fully test in 2015-16.

    Read the whole thing here.

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