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  • Micro-Falcon MAV Tests Onboard STAMP Payload
    Posted by Noam Eshel 12:44 PM on Apr 28, 2010

    Innocon, designing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative and unique UAVs, has announced the successful conclusion of flight tests for its lightest yet unmanned aerial vehicle, designated 'Micro Falcon'.

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    Micro Falcon's test-flight-proven day or night capability utilizes the same Controp D-Stamp camera payload selected by the IDF in Elbit's Skylark mini-UAV (aka Skyrider). Controp developed the D-STAMP (Stabilized Miniature Payload), in response to specific requirements for tactical surveillance and reconnaissance requirements.

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    The payload is optimized for the MAV mission profile, operating at 20 to 40 knots velocity and 500 to 2,000 feet altitude. The stabilized miniature payload uses a high resolution color CCD camera with 10x optical zoom lens for daytime observation. The camera links via RS-232 communication and wireless datalink to the ground station, where real-time images can be viewed and analyzed.

    Micro Falcon provides flexibility to carry less expensive lightweight payloads as well as the heavier payloads required for day/night applications. With Controp's STAMP payload, Innocon has now been able to increase Micro Falcon's payload carrying capacity to 1Kg.

    Micro Falcon features Innocon's Naviator Flight Computer which is responsible for all flight aspects, including take off and landing. Naviator frees operators to concentrate on payload tasks exclusively, thereby optimizing mission success. Operating at an altitude of 1000 feet the UAV can stay airborne for 2 hours day or night. Remarkably rugged, with boxed type wings, Micro Falcon can land upside down using parachute descent.

    Credits: D-Stamp Controp, Innocon Ltd

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