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  • A Look Behind the U.K.'s JSF, Carrier Decision
    Posted by Robert Wall 12:01 AM on Nov 29, 2011

    The U.K.'s National Audit Office has once again revisited the government's decision on carrier strike, which included the shift from the F-35B to the F-35C.

    When it last discussed the program, it noted that it had not been given access to some information to determine if the overall program revisions represented sound judgment. Since then, political pressure forced the government to cough up more information.

    The NAO now says the decision "was well informed."

    Below is an NAO table on the options that were considered, with the last section detailing the final decision. Note that two of four options would have seen the JSF acquisition suspended.

    One reason, apparently, that did not happen is because of a presentation that indicated the U.K. industrial stake in the program was more than GBP100 billion over 45 years, or 25,000 jobs with GBP10 billion in tax revenue.

    Click on the image below to view a larger, readable version.

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