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  • Eurocopter By The Numbers -- Military Domination
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:46 AM on Jan 20, 2010

    Eurocopter today spelled out how it is doing in these turbulent times. Defense and government activity held up well, better than the civil business. Oil and gas also was rather resilient.

    Here are the highlights:

    Turnover: €4.6 billion (55% helo production, 35% support, 10% development and other activities) compared to €4.5 in 2008.

    Deliveries: 558

    Orders (net): 344

    Orders by type in 2009 (2008 figure):

        EC120 = 8 (85)

        EC130/AS350/355 = 103 (340)

        EC135 = 58 (123)

        EC145 = 63 (81)

        Dauphin/Panther/EC155 = 9 (39)

        Super Puma/EC225/EC725 – 81 (35)

        NH90 = 22 (12)

    Orders (gross): 460

    Backlog: 1,300 – €15.1 billion

    The bookings in value went up, the bookings in numbers went down, reflecting the shift to government/military business.

    A civil recovery, on the light helo side, will likely be delayed by the high number of used and largely young helos on the market, says Lutz Bertling, Eurocopter's CEO.

    The military market still has good prospects. "We will have strong military and homeland security order intakes" in 2010, Bertling says, noting that even where defense budgets are being cut, helicopter spending is holding up well.

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