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  • DCNS Plans to Grow
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 10:09 PM on Dec 09, 2009

    Patrick Boissier, the man who was brought in after improving the fortunes of a civilian shipyard, hopes to do the same for French military shipyard DCNS. The objectives he has set to achieve the 50-100% growth target by 2020 include: gaining at least one export contract for each of the Andrasta (small, littoral submarine), BPC multi-mission ship, FREMM frigate and Gowind ocean patrol vessel. Winning two more export contracts for the Scorpène submarine. Gaining the maintenance contracts for all the above.

    Boissier said DCNS has clear visibility on the domestic market for the next 10 years but expects a dip which could last five years up to 2025 or thereabouts when the French navy may start thinking about replacing some more vessels. In order to be prepared for this dip, DCNS is seeking to widen its portfolio into the civilian nuclear energy field (“after all, we have built the equivalent of 18 nuclear power stations for our submarines and the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier so we do have considerable expertise in the area,” said Boissier.

    Expansion is also planned into the renewable marine energy sector. An “incubator” will be set up in the Atlantic port of Brest to manage development of floating wind turbine, wave energy turbine, and ocean thermal energy converter demonstrators or prototypes and DCNS will take part in European programs to develop marine current turbines.

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