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  • Sweden Probe's Gripen Glitch
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:39 AM on Feb 17, 2010

    The Swedish air force has placed flight restrictions on its Gripen combat aircraft as it sorts out just exactly what caused two technical issues that briefly led flight operations to be suspended for a day last week.

    While Swedish air force safety investigators sort things out, the Gripens are being limited to 7 g maneuvering, rather than 9 g. Swedish air force officials say that beyond the limitation in maneuverability, they don't see an impact on day-to-day operations.

    One issue that occurred was that a pilot reported failure of air pressure to his g-suit. The other is that another pilot was unable on the first attempt to return the safety pin into the ejection seat’s locking mechanism after landing.

    The fact the Gripens were grounded for a day and are now limited in their operations may say more about the safety culture at the Swedish air force that anything else. Still, fact finding into why the incidents took place continues.

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