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  • Israel unleashed Bulls and Matadors on Gaza
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:51 AM on Feb 23, 2009

    The Israel Defense Forces has released a bit more information on its military operation in Gaza, highlighting some new weapons programs.

    The new technology was developed through a program begun about two years ago, after the Lebanon operation, and aimed at improving the tool the infantry operates.

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    Among the weapons to receive their trial by fire in what Israel calls Operation Cast Lead is the Matador missile. It replaces the Lau missile and is designed to penetrate tanks and structures.


    The IDF says it also put the so called Bull Island system to use. The military describes the device as “a camera shaped as a tennis ball that can be thrown into any building and transfers 360 degree imagery to the troops on the ground outside of the structure.” The Israelis contend that Bulls Island and other systems allowed troops see what houses were booby-trapped.

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    Ground forces also operated a new armored personnel carrier. The new vehicle provides better protection of troops against anti-tank missile and will be rolled-out throughout the infantry. Another feature of the new APC is apparently that all subsystems, including the remote weapon system, can be controlled from within the vehicle.

    [Photos: IDF]

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