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  • Hermaphrodite, or the A330 MRTT
    Posted by Christina Mackenzie 6:31 AM on May 20, 2010

    Antonio Rodríguez-Barberán, Airbus Military's new vice-president commercial, is a man with a sense of humor. During his first presentation to a trade media briefing in Seville, southern Spain, on the site of the A400M's final assembly line, Rodríguez-Barberán was touting the merits of the A330 MRTT's refueling capacities.

    He was explaining that it “can not only refuel male or female fighter aircraft (for those equipped with receptacle equipped receivers and those equipped with probe-equipment receivers), but it can also be refueled itself! Well, this plane is a hermaphrodite,” he concluded. The comment was met with a gale of laughter and immediate understanding amongst those present that the plane now has a name!

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