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  • Elbit Targo Aviator Helmet Display Geared for Rocket Plane Racing
    Posted by Noam Eshel 12:22 PM on Apr 13, 2010

    Rocket Racing pilots participating at the upcoming Tulsa Airshow will have the first opportunity to experience and demonstrate the next generation helmet mounted display technologyformerly available only to fighter pilots. The revolutionary Targo Racer aviator’s helmet developed by Israel's Elbit Systems integrates a display system and avionics, that enable Rocket Racing League (RRL) pilots to competitively challenge each other flying the 3D Raceway-In-The-Sky (RITS) sky track.

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    "With more than 2500 pounds of thrust, RRL pilots go from zero to full throttle in a fraction of a second and wheels-up in 4 seconds – think NASCAR or Formula One racing in the sky,” explains RRL co-founder Peter Diamandis. “The Targo Racer’s state of the art capabilities give our pilots, which are some of the most skilled in the world, the advanced avionics they need to deliver the most dramatic performance for our fans and sponsors.”

    The RRL will debut the Targo Racer, a new helmet display developed by Elbit Systems, On April 24, 2010 at the QuikTrip Air & Rocket Racing Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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    Rocket Racing League (RRL) is a revolutionary new sports and entertainment franchise where teams of highly trained military and test pilots such as former “Top Gun” graduates from the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School, fly rocket-powered aircraft through a 3D virtual Raceway-In-The-Sky (RITS).

    The integrated display helmet provides an essential link between the pilot, aircraft and audience. It enables RRL pilots to receive mission and race critical flight information directly onto their helmet visor within their natural line-of-sight therefore increasing safety and performance. The display shows raceway geometry, altitude, speed, gravitational pull and other parameters directly in front of the aviator’s eyes on a crisp off-the-visor display that adjusts in real time.

    Targo Racer, a variant of the Targo family by Elbit systems, is powered by "Helmet Mounted Avionics" (HMA) technology that allows fast and flexible adaptation for unique customer platforms and requirements.

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    Photo Credits: Rocket Racing League

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