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  • Smart Weapons for Small UAVs, HPM for Missiles.
    Posted by David A. Fulghum 7:57 PM on Feb 20, 2009

    The U.S. is rapidly working on ways to counter some of the new threats – produced by Russian and China – that are starting to appear in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

    A new list of fast-tracked projects – Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations was just released by the Pentagon. The JCTDs are selected for their focus on protection, information, knowledge, focused lethality and timely actionable intelligence.

    Three of the technologies are particularly eye-catching in the context of emerging threats.

    1. A Mission Assurance Decision Support System is being designed to conduct realtime, predictive assessment of  the impact on operations of disruptions in the global information grid and its supporting commercial infrastructure. The research is being done for the Strategic Command and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

    2. A Precision Acquisition and Weaponized System that integrates low-collateral damage weapons with small unmanned aircraft assets to neutralize asymmetric threats was requested for Special Operations Command.

    3. And in final program definition phase is a Counter-electronics High Powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project for Pacific Command and the Air Force. Translated, that means a non-explosive weapon that creates a pulse of microwave frequency energy that wipes out enemy electronics including computers and radars.

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