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  • Bigger Bills in the Netherlands
    Posted by Robert Wall 7:24 AM on Nov 27, 2008

    The Netherlands is facing delays in several of its transport programs, the government has told parliament.


    The latest schedule slips are associated with the upgrade of a DC-10, the Chinook helicopter and C-130, including associated simulator equipment, state secretary for defense Jack de Vries told legistlators this week.


    Delivery of the first of six Dutch CH-47Fs has slipped, for instance, from handover in the third quarter of next year to December 2009. Software defects are the cause, de Vries wrote.


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    (credit: Boeing)


    Additionally, a cockpit and cabin safety upgrade of two of four C-130s  will not be completed until the third or fourth quarter of 2009, rather than this year. Delays in getting components and more extensive flight trials are being blamed. After delivery, a three-month test period will follow before the aircraft can enter service, potentially not before 2010.


    In the case of modernizing a used DC-10, bought to relieve the workload on (K)DC-10 tanker/transports, the new schedule calls for the aircraft to be delivered to the air force next year, rather than this year. Documentation for type certification by military authorities was late in being delivered. Once the aircraft is returned, the two (K)DC-10s will undergo their cockpit upgrades.


    Finally, de Vries has provided parliament first information on acquisition efforts for C-130 and (K)DC-10 simulators because costs have now breached the €25 million reporting threshold. That’s because the scope of the project has grown, he says.

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