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  • Meteor On Eurofighter: Phase 1 Complete
    Posted by Robert Wall 2:53 PM on Jun 20, 2011

    Although the core Eurofighter nations have yet to give the formal go-ahead to buy and fully integrate the MBDA beyond visual range air-to-air missile on the Typhoon, preparatory work to get the job done is moving forward.

    Eurofighter reports that a first series of trials to assure safe separation on the aircraft has been completed, using the IPA1, an instrumented production aircraft. The trials took place at the Aberporth range in Wales.

    The Eurofighter consortium is trying to play catch-up with others to get the missile on its fighter. France has already placed a production order for the Meteor to be put on Rafale, and Sweden also is buying the missile for use on the Gripen. Industry officials hope to secure the Meteor go-ahead for Typhoon soon, although they have been hopeful to do so for some time already.

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