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  • Lockheed's Flying Multi-INT Laboratory
    Posted by Graham Warwick 5:25 PM on Aug 26, 2009

    Lockheed Martin has begun flying its Airborne Multi-intelligence Laboratory (AML), a Gulfstream III modified to test how advanced sensors, processors and datalinks can be used to deliver ISR data directly to soldiers. The AML's initial outing is to the annual C4ISR On-the-Move event now under way at Ft Dix.

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    Photo: Lockheed Martin

    Initially the AML is equipped with a FLIR Systems EO/IR sensor (under the aft fuselage) and a signals-intelligence payload (the antenna array under the center wing). Later, a version of Lockheed's Phoenix Eye SAR/GMTI radar will be installed in the canoe radome under the forward fuselage. There are four workstations in the cabin.

    Video: Lockheed Martin

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