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  • Eyes on Suicide Bombers
    Posted by Paul McLeary 2:38 PM on Jul 07, 2011

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    Yesterday, the Dept. of Defense announced that it was awarding a $48 million contract to Science, Engineering and Technology Associates (SET), for a suicide-bomber detection system that can spot bombs under a suspect's clothes who is "approaching a controlled access site." 

    SET was purchased by SAIC in January 2010, and now acts as a wholly-owned SAIC subsidiary under the Technology and Advanced Systems Business Unit. But a glance at the company’s Web site reveals a bit more about the Counter Bomber technology. The company says that the system 

    employs visible or IR video cameras to automatically track subjects, and a low-power radar to interrogate them when cued by video. After automatically assessing the threat in real time, CounterBomber supports the response team by wirelessly transmitting pictures or live video of the threat to a remote handheld device, such as a PDA.

    The non-imaging radar, however, “won’t reveal underlying body structure” which means it might not work for the latest hysterical threat to emanate from the counter-terror crowd: surgically-implanted bombs.

    Pic: SET Corp

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