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  • NATO Boss Addresses Command and Capabilty Gaps
    Posted by Robert Wall 3:39 PM on Sep 12, 2011

    The Libya campaign has already yielded important lessons for NATO, both in terms of equipment needs and structure, signals Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the alliance's secretary general.

    Structural reform is one area where the operational experience has caused NATO leaders to change their thinking. In an effort to generate efficiencies, Rasmussen has been pushing to streamline the organization and reduce personnel in the military command structure by more than 30%.

    However, he says Libya quickly showcased that NATO needed more, not less capacity, in one area. "What we learned from the very first days, within this reduced number of posts, [is that] we have to beef up our air commands." To conduct Libya type operations "we need a strengthen air command-and-control capability."

    Some of the equipment shortages Rasmussen highlights are already well documented—Europe's contribution to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance being one example.

    But Libya did not expose all shortfalls. For instance, the lack of a ground campaign meant airlift strains were not exposed.

    Rasmussen leaves no doubt, though, that the shortfalls exist. Europe needs more transport capability, he told reporters on the sidelines of the Allied Command Transformation's industry day in London. "
    The Europeans have more soldiers than the United States, but they can't move them," the bluntly speaking Dane points out.

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