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  • IDF Launch an Upgrade for the Puma Assault Engineer Vehicle
    Posted by Noam Eshel 6:59 PM on Apr 12, 2010

    The IDF is planning to modernize the Assault Engineer Combat Vehicle (known in Hebrew as 'Puma') based on lessons learned during last year's operation in Gaza.  A prototype upgraded vehicle is being constructed at the IDF armored vehicle refurbishment center. The IDF plans to complete the development this year.

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    The vehicle, based on the aging Centurion chassis, will be equipped with a modified final drive, developed by Ashot Ashkelon. A raised, transparent armored structure will be added on top, enabling the crew-commander and remote systems operator to effectively tele-operate unmanned systems under protection. The IDF already operates unmanned bulldozer and other assault breaching systems, remotely controlled from the Puma. The vehicle will also be fitted with improved thermal vision systems, improving operability under heavy smoke, and dust. Other improvements will deal with the enhancement of CBRN protection, which also adds better air conditioning, dust filtration and 'weather proof' operation.

    Photo Credit: IDF

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