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  • Sikorsky Shows New Helo Designs
    Posted by Bill Sweetman 9:43 AM on Jul 17, 2008

    Sikorsky showed off two new concepts at Farnborough. First, the last visible traces of the old CH-53 design have vanished from the latest iteration of the CH-53K:

    blog post photo

    The CH-53K, of course, is a simple derivative of the CH-53E with new engines, a new rotor, a new transmission, a completely new flight control system and a new cockpit. Since it is just a derivative, the Marines could procure it without a competition, as they did with the UH-1Y and AH-1Z. I'm sure this will turn out just as well.

    Also on show: A new X2-based concept for special operations forces.

    blog post photo

    Designed as a sort of Ultimate Little Bird, it's a 250-knot long-range helicopter designed for light transport and attack.

    pics by Bill Sweetman

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