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  • IDF Declassifies Tamuz Missile
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:57 AM on Aug 04, 2011

    blog post photo

    blog post photo
    (Photos: IDF)

    Israel has lifted the veil on one of its most classified missiles, the Tamuz. Developed as a lesson from the 1973 war, the Rafael missile has been used by one of the IDF's most classified units.

    Now, with the weapon approaching the end of its service life, the IDF has disclosed some of the details of the 25-km-range electro-optically guided missile, with multiple warhead options.

    A full report from our Tel Aviv correspondent, Alon Ben-David, will be on our subscription AWIN site and in Monday's issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

    In the interim, here is a video the IDF has released on the missile:

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