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    Posted by Douglas Barrie 4:10 PM on Mar 05, 2009


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    The MBDA Asraam imaging infrared-guided air-to-air missile has been tested by the Royal Australian Air Force in an over-the-shoulder shot using the lock-after launch mode. The missile hit the target, with the engagement carried out at a range in excess of 3.1 miles.

    The shot – the first in-service lock-after launch firing - was carried out from a RAAF F/A-18. The missile entered Australian service in 2004.

    The shot was intended to simulate a “chase down” engagement with the threat aircraft closing to the rear of the launch aircraft. The launch aircraft was flying at “low-level and typical fighter speed.”

    There is increasing interest in this kind of shot for self-defense, with some intended Joint Strike Fighter customers also looking at the utility of this kind of engagement.

     Picture Credit Australian Defense Organization

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