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  • Demonstrating Again
    Posted by Douglas Barrie 1:58 PM on Nov 05, 2009

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    Saab’s Gripen NG demonstrator is back in the air, this time fitted with a Selex Galileo active electronically scanned array radar (AESA). The aircraft was returned to the flight test program at the end of last month.

    As well as being fitted with the Selex AESA, the demonstrator has been fitted with revised sat-comms and an electro-optical missile approach warning system. The increased internal fuel capacity can also now be exploited.

    The Selex AESA uses a “swashplate” design that allows the angled antenna face to be rotated, intended to provide the system with a greater look angle than fixed AESA systems. It also confers potential advantages in beyond visual range missile engagements.

    Picture Credit Saab

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