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  • Australian Elections: what's at stake
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:34 AM on Jul 17, 2010

    Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has set August 21 as the date for the countries general elections, pitting her Labor party against the Liberal party.
    Elections of this sort of course take place all the time, all over the place, but this one has potential implications for foreign and defense policy, which is particularly important to industry given the fact Australia is a major buyer of military equipment.
    Speaking to an Australian defense analyst, he believes a Gillard win could lead to significant changes in the foreign policy outlook and rate of defense spending. Although no program is immediately on the chopping block, a Labor wing could lead to a major stretch out in defense programs. That could be good news for companies looking to sustain aging equipment or even upgrade in-service kit, just as it would be bad news for those trying to sell new hardware.

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