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  • France Asks Danes for Assistance in Mali
    Posted by Amy Svitak 4:14 AM on Jan 15, 2013

    Danish Foreign Minister Villy Sovndal says Denmark is considering France’s request for logistics support in Mali and is urging his government to back concrete action in the conflict.

    "We have received a French request for a contribution in support of the French military intervention. It is our wish to fulfill this request," he said in a Jan. 14 statement. "I have today briefed the Foreign Policy Committee on the matter and received broad backing for the government to table a motion tomorrow to assist France with a C-130 transport aircraft.”

    Sonvndal said the contribution would help protect the civilian population in Mali, where a militant rebel uprising in the north is threatening the stability of the former French colony. He said it is necessary not only to stabilize the situation there but to signal clear support for France and to rally around UN decision-making in the area of international peace and security.

    Danish Defense Minister Nick Haekkerup said Denmark has a clear interest in helping the UN maintain law and order.

    "Furthermore, we have a clear interest in the international society helping the government in Mali dealing with the rebel groupings that are trying to take over the country with support from Islamist terrorist networks," he said Jan. 14.

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