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  • AvWeek Editorial: Pentagon Needs More Fighter Options
    Posted by Sean Meade 10:21 AM on Oct 02, 2012

    We have often vociferously debated the Joint Strike Fighter program here on Ares. This week's edition of Aviation Week & Space Technology features an editorial that says the U.S. Department of Defense needs options in the future beyond just the F-35: Pentagon Should Investigate Fighter Options Beyond The F-35.

    Here's one provocative paragraph to whet your appetite:

    Before going farther down this cracked and broken path, the Pentagon needs to take a hard look at the consequences. On schedule and affordability, the JSF program is already a failure. In terms of capabilities and the long-term benefits of commonality, the jury is still out. And even if the F-35 delivers on everything it promised, the world has changed since 2001.
    Read the whole thing and then weigh-in (civilly) in the comments below.

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