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  • Super Etendards in Afghanistan
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:26 AM on Jun 09, 2008

    The French navy has put boots on the ground in Afghanistan with three Super Etendards now deployed to Kandahar where they relieved French air force Rafale fighters.

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    (credit: EMA)

    The Super Etendards are in the modernized configuration, or SEM standard. They arrived in  Afghanistan on June 1. The Rafales left June 3 after arriving for their second rotation in February.

    The three SEM aircraft from Flotille 17F operate in Afghanistan along with three Mirage 2000Ds from 3.3 Ardennes squadron. The combined detachment includes 107 air force and 53 naval personnel.

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    (credit: EMA) 

    The French military has now had four different types of combat aircraft in Afghanistan, including the Mirage F1. French navy Rafales have also operated over Afghanistan, but never landed there.

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